Covid and kids

Ciara reunited with a preschool friend yesterday and it was a much anticipated reunion. However her attitude was really quite bizarre and I fear that lockdown life has widely contributed to this latest phase of brattyness. When we first met up she was quite obviously overjoyed to see her long lost friend and they playedContinue reading “Covid and kids”

10 things I’ve come to accept after having kids.

1. Being ignored – yep, you can kiss goodbye the idea of a toddler listening intently to anything you have to say. Their cute little elfin ears are only there for decorative purposes! 2. I’m a shit cook. – I must be because I can’t fathom another reason why my kid prefers Birdseye fish fingersContinue reading “10 things I’ve come to accept after having kids.”

Threenager at bedtime

Ah, bliss, you’ve had a long day, the kids are tucked up tidy and you’re ready to whack on your fav box set. You slouch down on the sofa, with a steaming mug of tea, or something alcoholic, whatever your tipple. Remote in hand. Sunday night goals right? Wrong – you have a three yearContinue reading “Threenager at bedtime”

Things I’ve learned this Easter 🐣

The holiday is over, we’re slowly approaching the warmer climes and ice creams have again become the daily expectancy of my three year old. But what has the Easter holidays taught us? Well it’s taught me a few things, that’s for sure. 1. It’s taught me that you don’t mess with a toddler’s scooter, noContinue reading “Things I’ve learned this Easter 🐣”

Hangovers and trolls

Picture this – It’s Sunday and I’ve been up since 8.30am, my mouth feels like a sandy flip flop that’s been loosely encasing a sweaty foot. Downstairs there’s empty bottles of spirits, cans of Diet Coke and a dog that doesn’t belong to me taking up residence on the sofa. Don’t worry I’m not anContinue reading “Hangovers and trolls”

Mum guilt and chocolate teapots

Mum guilt, if you’re a mum, you’ve had mum guilt at some point. You may even have it regularly – let’s be real about this, it’s a thing that has blown up in recent years because we (I, in any case) spend far too much time comparing ourselves to other mum’s on social media, atContinue reading “Mum guilt and chocolate teapots”

10 things people without children should never say to Mothers.

10 things people without kids say to Mum’s that they need to STOP! 1: When I have children I’ll _______ The likelihood is that whatever _______ is, you wont. 2: I’d never co sleep. When you’ve been up for 15 hours straight with a colicky baby, you’ll do almost anything to make them sleep soContinue reading “10 things people without children should never say to Mothers.”

Tantrums in the woods

Anyone else’s kid pushing their proverbial buttons at the moment? Sometimes I have to look at pictures like this one to remind myself she’s not a constant terror, and does have a cute side. Breakfast this morning was a hit, waffles and banana at the farm shop. We went there pre our planned walk atContinue reading “Tantrums in the woods”

My experience so far as a SAHM

Really, another mother fuck load of washing? Really? What did we do when I was at work, wear dirty clothes? Looks like we did, because I sure as shit didn’t do this much washing on the 9-5!! Oh look a sea of crumbs, but I have literally just fucking hoovered damn it. Knock knock, it’sContinue reading “My experience so far as a SAHM”