What does family mean to me?

It’s no secret that I was abandoned by the man who fathered me, whilst I was still a tiny mass of cells in the womb. When my mum gave birth at 28 weeks with me weighing just 2lb 10oz, she did it alone. My father has at least 3 other children, two he had withContinue reading “What does family mean to me?”

Motherhood is…

I wrote this poem to get behind an Instagram campaign called #Riseofthemumpoet it’s a fun and expressive way to write and share your story. And everyone knows I love, writing… AND sharing! 😂 Motherhood is It’s not a day in a mums life if you were only asked twice, For us mums can be askedContinue reading “Motherhood is…”

Things I’ve learned this Easter 🐣

The holiday is over, we’re slowly approaching the warmer climes and ice creams have again become the daily expectancy of my three year old. But what has the Easter holidays taught us? Well it’s taught me a few things, that’s for sure. 1. It’s taught me that you don’t mess with a toddler’s scooter, noContinue reading “Things I’ve learned this Easter 🐣”

An open letter to my absent father.

Dear Dad, Should I call you that? Or is it a title too above what you are to me? My ‘Dad’ who hasn’t paid a day’s maintenance since the day I was born or prior. Who wasn’t there when I was born at 28 weeks gestation unable to breathe on my own. Who wasn’t thereContinue reading “An open letter to my absent father.”