Bristol Places to See!!

Bristol mum’s, I promised my readers more ‘free fun’ tips. As days out with kids go, I’m getting pretty good at recommending free places to visit.

However they’re not for the unimaginative. In order to enjoy these great outdoor spaces you have to be able to think outside the box!

Bristol has so many amazing places to visit, where just a stroll can turn into the most magical of days for your little people.

Today we visited Bristol Harbour. See these coloured houses? Who do you think lives in them?

Is it a school for princesses? Or does Queen Poppy and the troll community reside there? Is it home to Ryder and his team of pups? You decide!

The boats are getting ready to sail across stormy seas and aboard are pirates and cocomora (Moana) if you look closely enough you can even see them.

Whilst stopping for a coffee before heading off to Leigh woods, we discussed our fairy finding tactics. Remembering that the Trolls from Frozen live in the woods too. Along with a few noisy pterodactyls and their nests. With this is mind we decided to explore each open tree trunk and moss covered rock as we ventured around the wood. What’s even better mum’s and dads is, this is actually considered exercise and I hit my daily step count in just a few hours!

There’s a lot to be said for getting out in the wilderness. The aimless wandering, coupled by great green scenes are surprisingly therapeutic. Let’s not pretend I’m a great outdoorsy type with a longing for nature and tree hugging. I’m really not, I’m a typical city suburb, pre kid, day drinking lover. However, I had to get savvy when it came to entertaining my ever demanding three year old. When she became so used to the farm trips, the theme parks and the fayres, we couldn’t afford to sustain these weekend ‘luxuries’ so we had to think of free stuff to do in its place. With the help of google maps we’ve found so many amazing places to visit in Bristol and it’s surrounding areas and still have so many more I want to see.

Yesterday we visited Clevedon and searched for dinosaur eggs on the rocks and crabs in the pools. We found one too, a crab that is! All you need to be able to enjoy these places is a car to get you there.

You’re never too old to forage and hunt and believe in magic. It was so nice to be outdoors having a laugh and getting excited about random coloured rocks instead of in front of Netflix or queuing for the toilet at Longleat and pushing to the front to get a millisecond glimpse of the penguins. Don’t get me wrong I love these things too, but for a change of scenery and a tightening on your purse strings, I’d recommend trying my ideas out too.

Below are links to the amazing Clevedon Beach (Perfect for dinosaur hunting) and the stunning Leigh Woods. I literally saw just a fragment of it today so will definitely be heading back soon.

I should state Clevedon pier does charge to enter but you don’t need to be on it to appreciate its scenic value.

Beautiful Clifton

If you’ve never seen the suspension bridge it’s a photographers paradise. The view is immense. As well as the view though, Clifton has loads to offer. From the deli in Clifton Village serving the best pastry’s the city has to offer, to woodland walks in Leigh Woods. If you’re after somewhere to take the kids on the weekend Durdham Down is huge and there’s plenty of space to kick a ball, they also have a small play park too. Let’s not forget, The White Lion Bar at Avon Gorge Hotel if you fancy a pint. When I’m in Clifton I feel relaxed.

Oldbury Court Estate

The perfect place for a family day out. Has a good size play park and an amazing canal walk through Snuff Mills to the equally beautiful Eastville Park.

Coffee huts stand either end and are open all year round. In autumn the colours of the trees are truly stunning. Even the dog will love this place. A bit further up near Fishponds High street is The Porto Lounge, where you can grab a bev or a bite to eat.

Things I’ve learned this Easter 🐣

The holiday is over, we’re slowly approaching the warmer climes and ice creams have again become the daily expectancy of my three year old. But what has the Easter holidays taught us?

Well it’s taught me a few things, that’s for sure.

1. It’s taught me that you don’t mess with a toddler’s scooter, no way no how! Stone on the path? Better get it the fuck out the way mate. Wheel’s dirty? Mummy, clean scooter, now please! Helmet hurts, don’t want to ride that way! Hey where’s my scooter? Out the way kids, diva coming through!! And so on! Was either the best of worse buy of the year, I’m still undecided!

2. It’s taught me never to order a meal out for my three year old. She will only refuse to eat it and proceed to scream whilst we are trying to eat ours about how ‘yucky’ the chips are (they are her favourite food, FFS) May as well take some crisps and be done with it.

3. It’s taught me that I need to be careful about what I say.

‘Stop moaning mummy’ actually came out of her mouth yesterday, seems she’s got my number marked!

4. It’s taught me, free fun is the best fun. Who needs Lego land and Longleat when you have a wilderness on your doorstep? Live need a wood? Make believe play is for you! We slayed monsters, made fairy gardens, fished for newts and skimmed stones on the stream. And it was FREE!

5. A bit more on the free fun saga. It’s taught me no matter how much money you spend if your child is cranky a trip to the fayre won’t remedy that. You can have the best day planned, but toddlers make their own rules. If they don’t want to do something no amount of money will change that. Don’t take it personally, sometimes kids have bad days too.

6. It’s taught me that children as young as three, absolutely do have their own minds. I bought Ciara these amazing Dorothy style, red glitter Converse for her birthday. She categorically refuses to wear them, I’ve even tried hiding her other shoes to try and force them on her. Hasn’t worked. Moral of the story, don’t spend £35 on your three year old’s trainers. (Unless you’re prepared to just stare at them.)

7. And finally, it’s taught me that time goes too quickly. The long drawn out half term I was dreading just two weeks ago is now over. The birthday party we planned for Ciara almost 6 months ago has now been and gone. She’s another year older, as am I. Time is precious, it really does fly by when you’re having fun. Make the most of it, take it in, even the drama and the tantrums, because one day in the not so distant future they will end too and it’ll all be just a collection of memories.

Easter has never been big on our celebratory calendar. Before Ciara arrived I can’t even remember the last time I got an Easter Egg. We aren’t religious and therefore it’s never had any sentimental or meaningful value, but now it marks a new tradition for our family. One that involves picnics and Easter egg hunts in Nanny’s garden.

Below I list some of the places we visited this Easter local to Bristol, that were fun and free:

Willsbridge Mill.

St George Park

Weston Super Mare Beach

Chew Valley Lakes