Atomic Burger Bristol

Think fluffy brioche, spicy pulled pork, melt in the mouth Monterey Jack cheese. Think succulent beef patties, flattened and chargrilled chicken breasts (veggie options if that’s your thing)

Think big. Think flavour. Think atomic.

Upon Bristol’s popular Gloucester Road sits this burger lover’s paradise.

What’s more, the kids will love it too. With its comic book decor, walls adorned with characters from their favourite films. Toys from the TV and the epic selection of freak shakes as well as free ice cream on the kids menu. Here enables you to combine hangovers with keeping the kids happy, it’s a parent’s and a child’s dream Sunday arvo feast.

This place is like none you’ve visited before, it combines American diner and theme park feels to bring you a unique dining experience. If you read my blogs often, you’ll know that customer service is a huge part of what makes a pleasant eatery for me, and this place didn’t disappoint. We were welcomed in, given all the info we needed to choose our burgers as the menu is so large is has a step by step guide to burger picking! The waiter who served us was brilliant with Ciara, who of course refused to eat a damn thing, bar the ice cream.

I have to say I’m not a huge burger fan as a rule, but Shaun loves them and Ciara was busy begging for a ‘chippie lunch’ so we decided to give it a whirl and am I glad we did!

Below is a picture (not my own) of my burger, The Firefly! I had a chicken breast, perfectly chargrilled and topped with Cajun pulled pork, red jalepino peppers, cheese and spicy chilli sauce. Accompanied were some of the best spicy fries I’ve ever tasted, possibly knocking my fav TGI’s version off of the top spot.

And if you’re feeling really brave they have a special Wall of Flames where everyone who completes their spiciest burger gets not only their picture up on the wall but the meal for FREE! Sound like a challenge you’d be good at? Get down there, you won’t regret it!

Below is a sample of their menu taken from their website.

The Coconut Tree

You only have to look at me to know I’m a food lover.

Whilst taking a leisurely stroll along Bristol’s Gloucester Road today, I fancied eating something I wasn’t going to be able to cook at home. Something proper tasty though, as I was ravenous.

Tucked in at the bottom of Gloucester Road opposite Shape, Wrap and Roll, sits The Coconut Tree, where they aim to bring Sri Lanken street food to us here Bristolians (I’m actually from Bath, but who cares)

This place was alight with red wallpaper, scattered with palm trees, and a dining space filled with high tables. It was everything you’d expect for a tapas style eatery. The walls also donned tribute to their native Elephants and it was an all round vibrant vibe.

I was driving, so sadly didn’t get to try them, but the cocktail menu looked insane! Serving Sri Lanken takes on classics like, Old Fashioned, that had a chocolate twist, and Espresso Martinis made with coconut milk. They also had an amazing sounding turmeric and coconut concoction, that I’ll definitely be trying on my return.

Now let’s get to the bit you’re all waiting for, the food!

It was a serious taste explosion. Dishes are served as tapas, but are by no means small. We shared 6 between two of us and to be honest it was too much. But that was just because the richness and flavours were so intense, you didn’t need to stuff your face to feel satisfied.

I had THE best goat curry I have ever tasted, and being a huge fan of Caribbean food where goat is often used, I’ve tasted a few.

It was like curried silk. Salty and full of spicy flavour, but for you mild curry lovers, don’t worry, it wasn’t overly hot. The red rice was cooked to perfection too. We also had spicy cuttlefish pieces, for calamari lovers these are the shiz.

As were the chilli cheesy cubes of lushness, the devilled crispy pork, the melt in the mouth flat bread and every single thing on the menu, was insanely good.

Along with great food, they also had great staff, they gave us a talk about how to get the best of the flavours. And the best bit…. drumroll…. KIDS EAT FREE!!

Yes, they really do. There’s no catch, they just get to choose a free dish from the kids menu. Ciara especially loved the flat bread!

The whole place was alive with a lively buzz, and that was at lunchtime. It cheered me up on a dreary day, when I was starving, but also during a time when I’m struggling to get excited about anything!

Shaun (my fiancé) and I, both agreed we absolutely need to return for ‘date night’

Whenever the next opportunity for that is, we’ll be enjoying it at The Coconut Tree, and I can’t wait to get on those cocktails.