Bath girl in Bristol

My friend said to me the other day, ‘Why do you cream your pants over living in Bristol, most of it’s a shit hole.’

If you know me you’ll know I’m from the beautiful world heritage city of Bath. Where the Romans bathed and the likes of Charles Dickens and Jane Austin penned the city’s secrets and beauty deep within the pages of their novels. My mum is from Bath, my grandparents lived in Bath, we are Bath born and bred. So it came as a surprise to some of my friends when I decided I was up and moving to the larger than life, neighbouring city of Bristol. If we’re being specific about geographics I’ve actually moved to the South Gloucestershire County.

Since moving here I have definitely raved about it’s culture, and that’s because it oozes it! Bristol is different entirely to Bath, it’s multicultural and it has a history of its own. Isambard Kingdom Brunel was the architect for the Clifton Suspension Bridge don’t you know! But I definitely didn’t write this post to argue about which is better as they’re both so beautiful in their differences.

In all seriousness I am a bit Bri-dazzled (see what I did there?) The main reason is, it feels like home. I am more at home here than I’ve ever been. I burned a lot of bridges in Bath, I left behind a version of myself that doesn’t exist anymore. I left behind memories that might of once been good, but were tarnished in some way. I experienced a lot of heartbreak during so much of my adult life there, and so it was liberating saying goodbye to that old house and that old job, and those old friends that aren’t friends anymore. It was time for a fresh start and it may only be twenty minutes down the road but I feel like it’s one of the best moves I’ve ever made.

It just so happens Bristol is about 4 times the size of Bath and I’m enjoying exploring every corner of it. Bath will always have a place in heart as it’s where I’m from, and where my daughter was born, but it’s not home anymore. I have friends there that I still see and always will, I have a history there, but I don’t miss it. I am excited to be a small fish in the huge pond that is the city of Bristol (even if my child has a full on Bristolian accent) ‘Mum I’m cauld’ – ‘There you goes’- ‘can we go to the parrrrrk’

Of course some of Bristol is a shithole, it’s a city, city’s are shitholes in parts, even my favourite cities in the world have grotty bits but it’s all part of its character.

So when I say I love where I live, I’m not digging out my old city, just bigging up my new one.

And if you’re not a Bristol local or native and want to visit I’ve listed some of my fave free attractions below.

Clifton Suspension Bridge

Bristol Harbourside

Eastville Park

Willsbridge Mill

Clevedon Pier and beach

Bedminster street art

Other areas I love to frequent for a window shop or a picnic are:

The Gloucester Road

Stokes Croft

St Andrews Park

The Oldbury Court Estate

Hanham Abbots

Leigh Woods

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