Only once

Been writing loads of poetry lately. It’s really therapeutic when you’re feeling shit to reflect on how far you’ve come but also to get out the jumble in your head.

The good thing about poetry is it doesn’t need to make sense, to the writer or the reader.

I’m thinking of setting up a separate blog for my ramblings in rhyme. I keep meaning to finish what I started and complete that bloody novel, but the creative process is weird and sometimes it floors you with other stuff.

Here’s my latest little bit of deep poetic lustre which is probably waaaaay too corny for a Mum page, but that’s me innit. Licensed to induce a cringe.

Only once broken did I learn to fix.

Not repair or paper over the cracks.

Broken bits aren’t a barrel of laughs

I don’t randomly pull them from my box of tricks.

Only once suicidal did I learn to love life

I tried to end it once but failed

Oh hang on maybe it was twice,

Even three or four times.

My eyes were open but I couldn’t see

My faculties were fine they said

But they didn’t know me.

Only once loved did I learn how to love back.

There were many times I thought it was

But now I realise that wasn’t love

Love is never that black.

Only when drowning did I learn to swim.

The water was freezing and I felt paralysed

But I was breathing.

I just had to move around and suck air from within.

Only once ready did I start over

Sometimes that’s yesterday

Sometimes it’s tomorrow

It doesn’t matter when

It matters what

Especially now I am older

Only once I gave could I fully receive

And what a feeling it is

What a lovely life I lead.

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