Motherhood is…

I wrote this poem to get behind an Instagram campaign called #Riseofthemumpoet it’s a fun and expressive way to write and share your story. And everyone knows I love, writing… AND sharing! 😂

Motherhood is

It’s not a day in a mums life if you were only asked twice,

For us mums can be asked the same thing as many as 50 times.

It’s not because we aren’t listening

That they continue to keep repeating

It may be that we’re cleaning up dinner plates,

Or god forbid finally eating.

It could also be that we’re scrolling aimlessly

Staring at our phones

Watching all those perfect mums

You know the ones who never feel the need to moan.

But being a mum is more than just annoying questions of course.

It’s wiping shitty arses and kissing grazed knees

It’s wearing a constant smile even when it feels forced.

It’s reading a story then lying still as a statue in the dark next to their bed

Pretending to be fast asleep and simultaneously stroking their head.

It’s pretending to be brave when you feel really scared.

It’s sometimes sacrificing yourself so their feelings are spared.

It’s leaving the house with sick on your clothes.

It’s wiping green snot from a runny nose.

It’s missing your favourite programme repeats

You’ve had to nip out to get milk & after dinner treats.

It’s staying up late making costumes for school.

It’s accepting that motherhood doesn’t have rules.

It’s forgiving yourself for sometimes messing up

It’s begging the stars to grant you good luck.

It’s feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders

And feeling nostalgic as your child grows older

It’s praying to a god of which you may not believe

To look out for your offspring and help them succeed

It’s a feeling of pride you didn’t know you possessed

And wanting every single morning just five more minutes in bed.

You can find all the details about the campaign and write your own poetic masterpiece (or riddle) on Instagram via @Postpartumpoet or by clicking the link here.

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#riseofthemumpoet IT'S HERE! Postpartum Poetry's very own 'Rise of the Mum Poet' Campaign. We have all been through a lot during pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood; some happy, some sad and some, well, indifferent. #riseofthemumpoet aims to share the stories and experiences of mums around the world through poetry. With a plethora of poems written by you, we will help those who don't have their own network, who might be struggling to ask for help or who just need a giggle knowing that somebody else's baby likes to go through the bin. Write your poem and share it using #riseofthemumpoet Alternatively, you can post it anonymously via me, @postpartumpoet. There's a poet in all of us. Give it a go. Thanks to @gummeemummee @mummysocial @mumwhowrites and @fiveminutemum for helping to get the ball rolling! ❤️❤️❤️ #postpartumpoetry #postpartumpoet #mumpoet #mumstogether💞 #poet #mummypoems #sharingpoems #sharingpoetry #instamum #instamummy #instapoet #poetsofig #mumsofinstagram #mummyblogger #mumlife #honestmum #mumtruth #mummysocial

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