Attention Seeker

The people, those who say

That you attention seek

Are the very same people who claim

Not to know you’re feeling weak

But you you told them when they asked

You opened up,

Just like they said

But here they stand to criticise you

For staying in your bed

You’ll never please everyone

And you don’t have to, you know

For you are your own best friend

You’re smashing your own goals

Don’t let them dampen your spirit

Or make you feel bad

You are trying your best

You’re standing tall

And for that you should feel glad

You have nothing to prove

You can’t predict the bad days

You can’t even make sense of them

You asked for help and afterwards

You were left with few friends

But that’s ok

It’s not their responsibility

They don’t do it to hurt you

They don’t understand your humility

They don’t know what it took

For you to tell them how you felt

Because they haven’t all experienced

The same hand you’ve been dealt

Don’t let it make you bitter

Try and see the light

It’s there at the end of the tunnel

Search for it with all your might

Keep opening up

Despite what people say

For someone out there is listening

Thinking of doing the very same

You might feel lost

You may even feel small

But you are helping set a trend

For new ways of thinking

Even making new friends

People come in all shapes and sizes

Big and small, short and tall

Illness is a bit like that too

It’s never one size fits all

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