30 things to teach your daughters.

1. If you want the cake, eat the cake.

2. Your mum is basically the queen, yes she’s always right, no, there’s no point in arguing.

3. Play nice with the new girl, you might be her one day.

4. Never steal your friend’s boyfriend, not in preschool not in life, EVER.

5. Accept compliments with humility, you are amazing, cherish that knowledge, don’t boast about it.

6. He/she may break your heart someday, but you might also break theirs, remember this when you’re furious.

7. Other women are ally’s not enemies.

8. A friendship break up can hurt like any other relationship break up, try not to be bitter.

9. If you want to be anything, want to be kind.

10. Being nice doesn’t make you a push over, but indifference might.

11. Stand up for what you believe in, even when nobody stands with you.

12. Your mum is not just the queen she’s your first and best friend.

13. Tell him/her how you feel, not what he/she wants to hear.

14. Dressing sexy does NOT mean you’re asking for it.


16. Being overweight isn’t a personality trait, neither is being a geek, a plain Jane or dressing slutty.


18. Stay humble, own your mistakes.

19. Be honest.

20. If a friend trusts you with a secret, keep it.

21. Smile at strangers, offer your seat to the elderly or disabled as you too may be need the kindness of strangers one day.

22. Don’t apologise for who you are AS LONG as you like her.

23. Work hard even when the work is hard.

24. Travel as often as you can, the world is both a playground and a sanctuary.

25. If you don’t agree, don’t agree.

26. Notice the difference between confidence and arrogance – not just in others but in yourself too.

27. Treat yourself with the kindness you’d offer others.

28. Being insecure isn’t the same as being jealous. Try not to confuse the two.

29. TRY not to react when you’re angry, words can be neither unspoken or unwritten.

30. Be your own cheerleader, only then are you equipped to recruit your squad.

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