Blessed Christmas

How perfect do you want your Christmas? I want to FEEL the magic. I want to see the excitement in my babies eyes. Don’t we all?

This is Ciara’s first year of being

‘In the know’ accept she’s been out of action for 2 days with a fever. Just as we thought today was improving, she woke 2 hours after going to bed in a night terror that lasted 30 minutes, and she’s still awake now, not looking too special or likely to meet sleep any time soon!

I’m tired, I’m feeling the stress, Shaun’s tired, he’s stressed and he’s feeling my stress, poor bloke! I’ve not made the pudding for Christmas Day.

I’ve not wrapped those last few presents or put together Ciara’s main present.

I’ve not even washed my fucking hair yet, and we all know you need to wash it at least two days before the big event, so that’s me already set for a bad hair day this Christmas.

We’re off to see Santa again tomorrow and by the looks of it none of us are up for it.

Me with my pain, Ciara with her fever, Shaun with his sore throat and cold.

I’m considering cancelling Christmas all together.

The only one remotely excited about it, is our scout elf Fergus Frostypants, and even he’s dubious after coming face to face with Chibs the Bengal.

But of course we won’t cancel Christmas, and even if we are all on our last legs we’ll still be together. As much as this is all pissing me off and making me want to cry, is it really important?

What’s most important to me really, is having my people with me, happy, healthy, and smiling. Whether it’s for 5 minutes during present opening before one of us goes back to bed to wallow in a sick pit, or 5 hours with Christmas dinner and party games. They are all I need to wake up to this Christmas. The food will still get eaten, the presents still opened and my hair will eventually come into contact with a shower head and some Argon oil, but if that’s not tomorrow or Monday, well I’m not going to lose sleep over it.

Whilst I was mid freak out about an hour ago – I thought to myself, there’s so many people that won’t have their loved ones with them this Christmas. So many people who won’t eat a Christmas dinner let alone get a pudding, and even more people that don’t have anyone to spend Christmas with at all.

I will forever be grateful that I have my team with me, every day of the year and we never go hungry. So for that reason I’m feeling totally (I hate this word but it’s fitting) BLESSED. ❤️❤️

Just wanted to point out not to pay too much attention to the minor details and just enjoy the people you’re with.

On that note I’m off to try again to get my girlie to sleep so I can get an early night and at least pretend to have my shit together.

Merry Christmas guys. ❤️