10 reasons not to ask a mum when she’s having another baby…

10 reasons why you should never ask a Mum when she’s having another baby?

1. She may not want anymore

2. She may not be able to have anymore

3. She may have only just got her body back to a perfect 10 (Not me obvs 😂)

4. She may be so sick of of her toddler throwing themselves on the floor screaming NOOOOO that she can’t bear the thought of having 2 irrational psychopaths living in her house.

5. She may of had such a bad pregnancy that the thought of being a whale with a swollen fanny and fat ankles again just ain’t on the agenda for a while.

6. Sex is so much better without another human attached to your abdomen.

7. Her and her partner nearly broke up with the first kid, give them chance.

8. They like spending their money on holidays and date nights

9. They are just too damn fucking tired.

10. Because it’s none of your fucking business. #justsaying.

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