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I recently told you all that I’d been nominated for two awards this year with the MBHA Unfortunately I wasn’t shortlisted in my categories but you will still see me as part of the event. I will be there on the 16th July as a guest speaker talking all things perinatal mental illness and hopefully offering some tips on coping skills. Head to now to grab your ticket! 🎫

Back in April I volunteered with IAPMD (The International Association for Premenstrual Disorders) as an awareness champion for PMD awareness month. I organised a success raffle and online auction to raise much needed funds for the charity. The monies raised totalled in at £529.00 GBP. This organisation is one so close to my heart as a sufferer of PMDD for over twenty years, they have helped immensely in my being able to accurately articulate my illness and gain adequate support. It gives me great pleasure to mention that I am now an official volunteer for the organisation and will be helping with fundraising and social media in the coming months.

Dear Steph: Is a new feature here at It’s a place for you to share your worries, ask for advice or just offload, you’ll receive a blog entry as written response from yours truly. I’ll also include signposting to any organisations I think may be able to help you. Click here to read the latest Dear Steph posts. Or email now to get a response to your problem.